Hey there. I’m Tobias Weisserth.

I’m a Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft, working within Microsoft’s Commercial Software Engineering team based out of Redmond, Washington. My work is mostly about enabling key Microsoft partners and customers on Microsoft Azure and related technologies. Most of the work I do evolves around cloud-enabled media & entertainment workloads and IoT solutions for large media and telecommunications organizations. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time lately with edge compute concepts in the context of 5G network infrastructure and the impacts on edge enabled, low latency, high bandwidth applications.

I’ve been working as a software engineer in the media & telecommunications space since 2008. I’m at Microsoft since 2012. The content and opinions published on this website are my own and not in any way affiliated with Microsoft, any previous employer or company I provided work for.

Other than designing cloud-based solutions and engineering them, I love to photograph and geek out about cameras (both analog and digital). You can find my photography at Flickr.